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Our Washing Machine repair service specialists service the below Washing Machines

Top Load

Front Load

Fully Automatic

Semi Automatic

Why choose Service on Street for your Washing Machine repair service in Hyderabad?

  • Genuine partners

  • Top Quality Services

  • Warranty services

100% vendor Background validation

We make the Washing Machine repair service partner validation process very strictly. because, our main goal is to reach 100% customer satisfaction. We know that washing machine repair service partner validation is very important to reach that goal. During the validation process of Washing Machine repair technicians, we confirm that the Washing Machine repair technician must have 10+ years of experience in Washing Machine repair service, and certify his total experience in the relevant service as per that rule. By sending our service engineer to the customer's location, we will initially confirm whether he can provide better service to the customers. Failure to provide the best quality work will result in dismissal from our company directly. We usually observe the behavior of Washing Machine repair technicians with customers and our internal team. If we detect abusive and fraudulent techniques from Washing Machine repair service technicians, we will close his profile from the company and he will not be able to enter the company in the future.

Why Service on Street?

20 Min Response Time

We take 20 minutes to respond to customer requests and follow requests accordingly

3 Months Service warrant

We provide a 3 months post-service warranty for repairs

Reasonable Service Charges

Our service professionals only charge reasonable service charges

ServiceOnStreet Washing Machine Repair Service Specialists What kind of Washing Machine are serviced in Hyderabad?

ServiceOnStreet is one among the most effective washing machine repair services in Hyderabad, the foremost reliable choice for washing machine repair and maintenance services in Hyderabad, with many local washing machine repair service specialists across Hyderabad with extremely skillful trained professionals, and sure to fix all of your washing machine repair needs, Service on Street is your most suitable option for any washing machine repair service in Hyderabad, India, no matter wherever you purchased it, rest assured that we tend to are experts at repairing the appliances in your home. ServiceOnStreet washing machine repair service experts provide service for all kinds of washing machine as well as high brands washing machine like Godrej, Whirlpool, LG, Samsung however additionally do service for service local brands. If there's any spare part damage or repair within the washing machine, the problem are going to be solved 100 percent by the Service on street washing machine repair technicians. Our Service on street washing machine repair professionals will simply offer services to the subsequent brands, but they're not restricted to those brands.

  1. 1
    LG Washing Machine
  2. 2
    Whirlpool Washing Machine
  3. 3
    IFB Washing Machine
  4. 4
    Godrej Washing Machine
  1. 5
    Haier Washing Machine
  2. 6
    Motorola Washing Machine
  3. 7
    LG Washing Machine
  4. 8
    Bosch Washing Machine
  1. 9
    Electrolux Washing Machine
  2. 10
    Lloyd Washing Machine
  3. 11
    Onida Washing Machine
  4. 12
    Samsung Washing Machine
Verified Professionals


1. How to book washing machine repair service in ServiceOnStreet?

Booking a washing machine repair service in hyderabad at ServiceOnStreet is a very easy process, you do not have to wait for a call from the service executive to know your need, you will be redirected to our service specialist by clicking on the call to action button. our washing machine repair service expert will try to analyze the problem by asking you some questions over the phone. So please feel free to call him and try to explain the problem in the washing machine on the phone.

2. When does the washing machine repair service professional arrive to provide the service?

After your washing machine service request is booked, our expert will ask for an appointment to check out the washing machine. Once your appointment is confirmed he's going to arrive at your location on time and begin checking the washing machine, Our technicians will generally arrive at your location within 90 minutes of booking the service.

3. Can I eligible for any warranty for the washing machine service provided?

Once your washing machine problem has been resolved by our washing machine repair service experts, you are eligible for the next 3 months free service warranty. During these 3 months, if the same problem with the washing machine recurs as before, our service on street washing machine repair service specialist will come to your place and provide free services without any inspection charges.

4. Can I expect replacement of damaged spare parts in the washing machine, from washing machine repair service experts?

Yes, if there is a problem with any part of the washing machine, our ServiceOnStreet washing machine repair service professionals will replace the damaged parts and they will charge for the replaced parts according to the market prices. Also, they provide bill and warranty slip for replacement parts.


5 Do I have to pay any visiting charges to technician after inspecting my Washing Machine?

Yes, you have to pay an inspection fee of Rs.249 to the technician after inspecting the washing machine, if you take the service from our specialist after inspection, they will not charge the inspection charges.

6. Do service on street washing machine repair service professionals charge reasonable service charges?

Yes, our specialist charges prices according to market standard and those prices are very reasonable. You can check the prices of washing machine spare parts on the internet by using the spare part model number and company of the spare part.


7. Does your washing machine repair technician provide a copy of the bill for replaced parts in the washing machine?

In fact, our specialist will provide you with the bill and warranty card for the spare part before or after the replacement work is completed. You have to keep that bill for the validity period to claim that warranty.

8. Can we expect same-day washing machine repair service from washing machine repair service expert?

99% of our technicians will service your washing machine on the same day, our technician will arrive at your location within 90 minutes after you book the washing machine service. Sometimes if you book the service after 4pm, the technicians are likely to be busy at another customer’s place, during which time our technicians will come to your location the second day to provide the service.

What type of Washing Machines does Service on street repair offer Service?

Service‌OnStreet technicians are well versed in performing repair of washing machines in a comprehensive range of washing machines. We will do our part to make your washing machines run smoothly again. ServiceOnStreet maintains well-trained background verified technicians in repair and service of washing machines in Hyderabad. ServiceOnStreet household services can repair and offer service for a broad range of washing machine types and sizes, including:

  1. 1
    Front-Loading Washing Machines
  2. 2
    Washer And Dryer Combo
  3. 3
  4. 4
  1. 5
    Portable Or Compact
  2. 6
  3. 7
  4. 8

No matter what type of washing machine is in your home, service on street washing machine repair experts team can get to work right away to address any problems you have with washing machine.

Which parts of the washing machine are usually replaced by Washing Machine repair service experts?

Our service professionals usually replace all washing machine parts. We have experts with 10+ years of experience in washing machine repair service. Parts are replaced according to the problem in the washing machine, washing machines come in a wide variety of styles, but there are some common and rare problems that they all have in common. Below are some of these issues that we've tried to address. Here we list those issues. washing machine not starting, washing machine is noisy, Excessive vibrations during operation, washing machine making noise when draining or not draining at all, washing machine over-filling or under-filling, washing machine not spinning, water leaking from soap drawer. Also here we have listed some of the washing machine spare parts that every customer encounters, usually those are replaced by our washing machine repair experts but they are not limited to.

Spares we replace or repair

Washing Machine Water Pump

Washing Machine Water inlet control valve

Washing Machine Drum

Washing Machine Agitator or paddles

Washing Machine motor

Washing Machine Drain pipe

Washing Machine Printed circuit board (PCB)

Washing Machine Timer

Washing Machine Heating element

Washing Machine Gear box

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What are the common problems with Washing Machines and Importance of Maintenance?

Common problems in Washing Machines

Some of the most commonly repaired Washing Machine problems include:

  1. 1
    Washing Machine not starting
  2. 2
    Washing Machine is noisy
  3. 3
    Excessive vibrations during operation
  4. 4
    Washing Machine making noise when draining or not draining at all
  5. 5
    Washing Machine over-filling or under-filling
  6. 6
    Washing Machine not spinning
  7. 7
    Water leaking from soap drawer
  8. 8
    The problem in washing machine program

Washing Machine Repair vs. Replacement

Service‌OnStreet washing machine repair specialists repair all types of washing machines, but if you want to continue to repair your washing machine make sure your washing machine is newly purchased, otherwise if your washing machine is old, you better go and buy a new washing machine. This is because if you continue to repair your old washing machine, our experts will fix your problem 100%, but after repairing the problem the chances are high that the washing machine will come up with a new problem. Our washing machine experts will tell you about the repair and replacement with a new washing machine, but in the end, that choice will be yours. If you are confident in repairing your washing machine, please proceed with the repair process, otherwise, please purchase a new washing machine and avoid washing machine repairs and save the money.

Maintenance is key

Finally, as with many things in your home, maintenance is also important. Keeping your washing machine in a good place sometimes helps to avoid repair costs, make sure your washing machine is placed on a flat base without any ups and downs. First, regular washing-machine maintenance will help prevent the buildup of mold, mildew, dust, dirt, and soap deposits, which may be harmful to your health and clothing and cause quite stink, too. Cleaning is particularly important for front-loading machines because the rubber gasket round the door remains wet. Please unplug the power cable before cleaning the washing machine, and open the washing machine door at least 10 minutes after cleaning is complete. By following these small challenges will helps you to keep you washing machine safe all the time.

What do our customers say about us?

The Service on Street technician is very friendly, competent, and possessed full knowledge about the product (Whirlpool Front Load Washing Machine). He identified the problem in the washing machine and solved it and reassured me that going forward I would not encounter it again. In addition, he shared some tips for me to follow, which will ensure that the washing machine operates at its optimum capacity. Reliability, attention to detail, and excellent customer service are few of the things, which make me comfortable to continue trusting and hiring service, highly recommended.

Srinivas Durthi

We were having a problem with our Samsung washing machine I found Service on Street technician on the internet and called. I spoke with the technician and he explained what the problem was. He was very nice over the phone and took the time to explain things to me. He was very knowledgeable about the washing machine. He explained what he needed to do to fix it and what the cost would be. He came at 8:00 pm and stayed until he finished! Now my washing machine is working perfectly!! He texts me a couple of days later to make sure everything is working fine and told me to let him know if something is wrong! Very professional, reliable, and nice!

Prasad Kumar

Service on Street technicians are TOTALLY honest. Came on time. Diagnosed the issue with my LG washing machine within 20 minutes. The technician patiently explained that the problem, he took one more day extra to order the damaged part and he came the next day and installed it, he charged some amount and it seems the charges are highly reasonable. now my washing machine is running very fine. We don't see honestly in anyone as like this company technicians anymore. I highly recommend Service on Street and will use them going forward for all my appliance repairs.

Shirisha Siri

We’re as good as they say we are

ServiceOnStreet also provide services to the following categories

Home Standard

Generally, our ServiceOnStreet service partners provide services to all household services. These include appliance repair and refrigerator service, air conditioner service, washing machine service, microwave oven service, geyser service, inverter service, chimney service, TV service and water purifier service. We have a team of experts who can serve all home appliances. After placing the booking by the customers, our team will start the next process to perform the customer needs, booking and service for all the appliances in our service on street is very easy and there are no hidden charges. You can simply hire a appliance repair technician by calling the number mentioned above and our appliance repair specialist will provide you a great service with very reasonable prices.


Our Service on street, service partners provide services for all commercial needs in the entire city of Hyderabad. These include plumbing services, plumbing contractors, building constructions, electrical works, masonry requirements and professional painting services. We have partners over 15+ years of experience in the construction industry and they are very talented in meeting customer requirement, our service experts will always give you a very reasonable quote for the work and they complete the work in the given time. If the customer is not satisfied with our service partner quotations, we will provide another service partner for the next good quote. We manage multiple service partners to fulfill to customer needs. So if you are looking for any contractor to meet your need please contact us now!


Another excellent service offered here by service on street specialists is breakdown services, which includes car breakdown service and bike breakdown service. To move vehicles from one place to another, we provide towing services in the entire Hyderabad and Secunderabad cities. We understand how consumers deal with vehicles on the roads when a bike or car breaks down, They do not know the technicians near their locations, nor do they know the contact numbers of the mechanics nearby. Bike users begin searching for mechanics in their surroundings and eventually they reach their locations by pushing the bike.

How to contact ServiceOnStreet Customer Support for questions about washing machine repair and service in Hyderabad?

We are excellent at providing customer support regarding any issue about washing machine repair service provided by our ServiceOnStreet service professionals. We are open 5 days every week and eight hours each day to unravel customer questions associated with washing machine repair and services in Hyderabad. If your question is related to billing, spare parts replacement, inspection charges, service charges, and the other questions associated with washing machine service, we are happy to help you by phone or email. If you've got any questions regarding the washer service provided by our service partner, be happy to contact our service partner directly using our mobile number mentioned within the bill copy, as our service partner is usually able to assist you in resolving your issue quickly. If your problem isn't resolved by our service partner you'll call our customer support number directly, or send an email to our support team regarding your concern, our support team is usually happy to assist you resolve your concern.

What other services are provided by Service on Street?

You can book all the popular and trending services currently offered by our service professionals all over Hyderabad. As we mentioned above we provide services in three categories. 

  1. 1
    Home Standard Services
  2. 2
    Commercial Services
  3. 3
    Breakdown Services

Washing Machine Service

Air Conditioner Service

Microwave Oven Service

Geyser Service

Water Purifier Service

Inverter Service

Chimney Service

TV Service

Please check out the services currently trending in our company above. You can book a service by clicking on it, and you will be redirected to a specific service to meet your need. We have a reputable appliance repair service, and it is provided by our service professionals who specialize in repairing home appliances. Book the service today and get the services on the same day, our main goal is to reach 100% customer satisfaction, In it, we examine service questions, billing-related information, warranty claims and support-related questions. So feel free and please contact us!

ServiceOnStreet have made it easy for you to get any help you might need for your home or office from one place

Customer service is the first priority in Telangana. Our support team is open 5 days a week to assist you, and we make sure a skilled service professional completes your work. You leave us your worries


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